Viewing trip

Discover your dream home in Spain with Solencasa's 3 or 4-day viewing trips


Solencasa, your trusted partner in Spanish real estate, understands that finding your dream home or investment property abroad can be an exciting but sometimes complex task. To help you with that, Solencasa organizes exclusive viewing trips for customers looking for a new home. With our 3 or 4-day viewing trips you can explore a varied selection of potential properties and make the right choice based on your personal needs and wishes.

The preparation:

Before we leave on the viewing trip, Solencasa makes sure we fully understand your specific requirements. Our experienced team of real estate experts will conduct a thorough analysis of your wishes and needs, including your budget, location preference, property type and other important criteria. With this information we put together a tailor-made itinerary that is fully tailored to your individual preferences.

The viewing trip:

On the agreed date we welcome you in Spain, where we will personally guide you during the 3 or 4-day viewing trip. Together with you, we go on a journey of discovery and visit a carefully selected selection of properties that meet your criteria.

During the viewing trip you will have the opportunity to explore the different features of each property. Our real estate agent will guide you and provide expert advice on the features, benefits and possible pitfalls of each property. You can ask questions, express your concerns and share your insights as you experience the atmosphere of each home.

Our estate agents are well versed in the Spanish property market and can provide you with valuable information about the different regions, local amenities, cultural aspects and legal procedures that may influence your decision. We understand that buying a home abroad is an important step and we aim to provide you with the information you need to make an informed choice.

After each viewing you have the opportunity to share your feedback with our real estate agent. This way we can further refine our offer and tailor the next set of viewings even better to your needs.

The result:

Thanks to Solencasa's 3 or 4 day viewing trips you have the chance to view a varied range of potential properties in Spain